Merwede Group

Stronger together!

The Amsterdam technical (ATV Springs) spring factory has been taken over by the technical spring factory De Merwede from de Meern on January 1, 2012. Since, ATV Springs is part of the Merwede Group as an independent company.

The Merwede Group consists of Merwede Springs, ATV Springs, Ferro Springs, Suplex GmbH.

Merwede Springs

Merwede Springs has worldwide renown in the field of spiral springs. The company is producing springs for various applications in the industry and automotive sector since 1954. The experience built up in more than 60 years guarantees a very extensive product knowledge. This makes Merwede Springs a partner which can serve you not only as a supplier, but also a partner that can advise you on the right springs for all your applications.

Merwede Springs is one of the leading spring producers in the world, with relations in more than 35 countries on all continents.

Ferro Springs

Ferro Springs is producing technical springs for many applications in many industry sectors worldwide since 1953. From industrial to hydraulic applications, from building bridges to interior design projects, every spring is a challenge for Ferro Springs.

Our way of working is characterised by flexibility and precision, which enables us to deliver a technical high-quality product and optimal service for 3 generations.

Ferro Springs has been taken over by Merwede Springs in 2010, and is since part of the Merwede Group.

Suplex GmbH Suplex

Suplex is a business enterprise in Germany specialising in selling and distributing replacement springs for the automotive branch. Started out as supplier of springs, Merwede Springs is large shareholder since 2018.

Stronger together

By joining forces and knowhow of the three spring factories, with each over half a century of experience, Merwede Group offers a complete range of industrial and automotive springs. This makes the possibilities of producing and supplying high quality belt and wire products almost limitless.

We also have all the expertise to provide you with the best advice. Thinking along and offering solutions are always central in our way of working.