Leaf springs

Custom made with high accuracy

Leafspring specialist

ATV Springs is specialized in producing small and large quantities of leaf springs with a very small tolerance and high precision for various industries which apply precision technology. To meet these high standard, we use the most modern and best wire sparking machines available on the market at the moment. Additionally, we also use high quality material and our years of experience.

We have our own tool shop for making our own specialised tools, required for the production of the leaf springs we supply.

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The leaf spring is the oldest form of suspension there is. In the middle ages, and later when developing motor vehicles, leaf springs were used as suspension system. Nowadays, this type of leaf spring is still used for pick-ups, trucks, and trains.

In a lot of industries and in a lot of products, mostly the smaller types of leaf springs are used in a multitude of variations. The main advantage of a leaf spring is that it has little or no leeway of friction. This makes a very high position precision and longevity possible. Another advantage of a leaf spring is the high stiffness in the length when compared to the stiffness in the cross section. This maintains freedom of movement.


Based on your drawing of model, ATV springs produces leaf springs from strip steel or other materials with a thickness of 0.10 to 3.0 mm. We have the mostly used materials for leaf standard on stock.

  • RVS, X12 CrNi 17 7, 1.4310 (according Din 17224)
  • C-75 spring strip steel (according Din 17222)
  • CuSn 6 phosphor bronze (according Din 17662)

Other types of material are available on request.


Leaf springs are being produced with the aid of pressure presses, wire sparking machines, bending and folding machines to create the desired shaped.