Torsion springs

From stock or custom made!

Torsion springs can be found, just like compression or tension springs, in many products we daily use. Think about the good old mouse trap, garage door, or the lid of the letterbox. A torsion spring functions through rotating movements. In this way, a large force can be applied. Torsion springs are mostly built in or clamped in, and that is why this springs have protrusions on both sides.

Because of the multitude of possibilities and applications of a torsion spring, there are very many types and forms. We advise and calculate which type is the best for your application.


The torsion springs are made on our CNC controlled bending/winding machines, and, if necessary, manually finished. The springs can be made of a large assortment of spring steel. ATV Springs manufactures torsion springs with a wire thickness of 0.30 to 12 mm.

  • Class-DH spring steel to 2 mm
  • Class-SH spring steel (also called class-C) 2 mm and upwards
  • Chrome-Silicium
  • Chrome-Vanadium
  • Rust proof spring steel: RVS 302 , RVS 316
  • Phosphor bronce
  • Inconel X750

We also produce compression springs from square wire. Please contact us for information about all the options.


The torsion springs produced by ATV Springs can be supplied with various additional treatments. All springs are tempered (subjected to heat treatment). There is also the possibility to give the torsion springs an additional surface treatment.

For example:

  • Chroming
  • Galvanizing
  • Passifying
  • Nickel plating

If you have specific wishes that have not been mentioned yet, please contact us. The possibilities are endless, and we will always find a suitable solution for you.

Customised or catalogue

Torsion springs can be customised to customer and application specifications. Together with you, we will find the best solution and we calculate the spring with the right specifications. Because of the quick changeover time of our machines, we can quickly manufacture both small and large batches, keeping the lead time short.

It is of course also possible to supply a suitable standard compression spring from our catalogue. The most compression springs from our catalogue are on stock, making the average delivery time one to two days.