What we stand for!

and the way we work!

The Amsterdam spring factory (ATV Springs) has experience in developing and producing technical and industrial compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, wire springs, and Die springs since 1969. Our knowledge and expertise have been developed by manufacturing a large variety of technical springs.


As technical spring factory, we stand for having a progressive role in the development, producing, and supplying of high quality wire and belt product for a broad market and clientele worldwide.

Directly related to this, is a solution directed approach in which we think along with the customer to find the right solution. We achieve this together with our highly qualified and motivated employees.


The development of technical springs is not standing still. Springs are subject to increasingly higher quality demands and a longer longevity, with a short lead time, and sharp prices. Because of these developments, we are continually optimising our processes. Partly by keeping investing in our personnel, the knowledge level, and the purchase of the newest CNS bending and spring winding machines, we keep on distinguishing ourselves in supplying wire and belt steel products with the highest quality demands, short lead times, and sharp prices. From small to large batches, from customised work to our standard catalogue springs.

Core values

ATV Springs is formed by motivated employees, their identification with the product, and not in the least by our satisfied customers.

The following Core values form the basis of our success and are reflected in our daily way of working:

  • Customer attention
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Involved
  • Innovative
  • Purposeful
  • Professional