History of ATV Springs

Since 1969 till now

The shipping industry in the sixties of the past century gave rise to the demand for an ‘industry oriented’ spring supplier that could meet a number of requirements such as: high quality and precision of the technical springs, quick delivery and small and large production batches, and giving specific advice. This question was the cause for the foundation of the “Amsterdam” Technische Verenfabriek B.V. (ATV Springs) in 1969.

In the early years mostly small and different batches were produced for the shipbuilding industry in and around Amsterdam. But it was the development and production of a large diversity of compression springs, tension springs, leaf springs and wire springs that gave rise to a broad knowledge & expertise.

Move 1974

In the following years the clientele kept growing, mostly machine builders active in the food industry, packing industry, construction industry, and agricultural industry who considered ATV Springs the best supplier. Investments were made in winding machines and material because of the growth in work. The old building did not have sufficient space for everything, and the choice was made in 1974 to move within Amsterdam to a larger location.

Move 1986

In 1986 a second move was necessary. This time the choice fell on a location on the industry park “De Vaart” in Almere. The old location in Amsterdam had become too small because of the continuing growth of the production and the purchase of new means of production. Also, from a strategical viewpoint the choice was made for a central location in the country, to be able to quickly supply to the whole of The Netherlands.

Takeover 2012

A large change in the history of ATV Springs took place in 2012. The first owner had built the company in 43 years from a small starting factory to a fully functioning, reliable, and innovative technical spring factory in the Dutch market. He thought it was time to hand over the baton. Because there was no successor in the family, the choice was made for a takeover by a reliable party that wanted to continue the mission and vision of ATC. Family company the technical spring factory De Merwede turned out to be the right party, and shared the vision and intention for further development in the field of industrial springs. A takeover of ATV Springs was a good opportunity to achieve this goal.

Move 2015

Every take-over comes with changes, also for ATV Springs. Investments were made in personnel and means of production. New Wafios machines were purchased to replace the obsolete machines. It was also decided to move to the present location on the edge of Amere-Stad in 2015, close to the highway A6, as base of operations. This modern building is spacious and prepared for growth in the coming years.

Since the addition of ATV Springs to the Merwede Group, it was decided to create more unity within the group, and to carry out this image. The trade name has been changed to ATV springs, and the house style has been brought in line with Merwede Springs and Ferro Springs.

Stronger together

By joining the knowledge and expertise of three spring factories with each years of experience, we, as a group, are able to supply a complete range of industrial and automotive springs. This makes the possibilities for producing high quality belt and wire products almost limitless.

We also have all the expertise required to give you the best advice possible. Thinking along with the customer and coming up with solutions are always central in our way of working.